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To purchase sessions, please click BOOK ONLINE and visit our ONLINE STORE.  You will be routed to our MindBody Online site.
To book your session schedule, please call us at 317-201-8640. 
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Once you have pressed BOOK ONLINE, you will be taken to our MindBody ONLINE site. 

You will be prompted to create an account. 

Once you have created an account, you may purchase packages,

view your session count and check your upcoming schedule. 

To view pricing information, please click on the ONLINE STORE tab on the MindBody site. 




Q: Why can’t I just purchase 1 session?


A: We offer an introductory package of 5 sessions. It takes a minimum of 5 sessions for Coach Blair to assess the needs of each individual client and create a program conducive towards the client reaching their performance goals. 



Q: Why can’t I schedule my sessions online?


Due to limited session availability, Coach Blair’s Studio will place the lessons on the schedule. Please call our office directly at 317-201-8640 to schedule your appointment. 



Q: If I sign-up for the year program, when can I book my Showcase Performance? 


Please call our office directly at 317-201-8640 to schedule your Showcase Performance and coordinate accompaniment. All showcases take place on Saturdays or Sundays. 


Q: What is the maximum capacity for my Showcase Performance? 


The maximum capacity for a Showcase Performance audience is between 20-25 people. Live Stream is also available. Seating capacity is expanded during the summer months with additional outdoor seating. 


Q: How can I get a Showcase Performance? 


A: Showcase Performance opportunities are reserved for year program clients. Year program clients are given 2 Showcase Performances per year. 


Q: What is a Showcase Performance? 

A: A Showcase Performance is an opportunity for the artist to put on their very own show and perform  to their selected audience. Coach Blair will guide the client through the process of advertising and promoting their show. Students can sell tickets to their event to raise funds for their favorite charity. We suggest a ticket price of $10. The Showcase Performance is another opportunity for clients to learn how to present an entertainment event including promoting, rehearsing, hosting and performance. Clients may also offer refreshments for their guests at the event. 


Q: How is accompaniment handled for the Showcase Performance. 


A: Artists may perform with backing tracks or accompany themselves. For an additional fee, Coach Blair’s Studio can coordinate between 1- 3 live accompanist. 



Q: What are the benefits of the year program? 


The year program includes 44 lessons, designated time slot, priority scheduling, installment payment option, 30% off ADC client program, 2 showcase performances per year and Coach Blair’s Studio merch package. 


Q: What is Artist Development Company?


Coach Blair Clark is founder and President of Artist Development Company. ADC is a media, marketing and management company. ADC helps guides artists and performers and offers a wide-variety of services for up-and-coming artists, including promotion, website development, branding and booking. To apply to become an ADC client, please fill out the application form at  

From individual hourly sessions in our fully equipped studio, to private Skype lessons in the comfort of your own home, Coach Blair's Voice & Performance Studio has the tools and resources to take YOU to The Next Stage!


Coach Blair's Voice & Performance Studio offers exclusive or add-on services including:

  • Studio Recording

  • Creation of Original Music

  • 30-Minute Recital

Call our office at 317-201-8640 to schedule your audition and for pricing information. 


Join Coach Blair and Artist Development Company for Master Classes. Our Master Classes feature a wide-array of subjects (including dance and acting lesssons!) to help you reach the next stage from vocalization to marketing your social media and branding.


Practice your performance by taking your voice lesson from the comfort of your own home with live Skype sessions. 





Coach Blair has been vital in our daughter's ability to shine on stage, make the best of her God given talents, & bring out the entertainer in her... He truly cares about his students & since he still has a vibrant singing & entertaining career himself, he truly walks the walk!! He's a real gem of a coach & she feels blessed to have been coached by Indy's Best!!

– Lalaine Smith

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